Why no summit picture? Because: Jenn was a big meanie

So we reached the summit 15 mins after “turn around time” (our designated time to start heading down) on Sunday night. It was cold, windy and I was freaked out about getting the girls down.

I don’t know why I suddenly felt such an ominous responsibility. Meredith had been doing a great job as our team leader. She really was the one that got us to the summit in so many ways. She was the one who convinced me I could do it in the first place. And with a dream team of four strong, experienced climbers, there was no reason to expect that any one person needed help getting down.

I can’t explain it but I had this sudden feeling that I alone was responsible for getting “my girls” down and that I needed to keep the girls moving at all costs. It was totally unwarranted, but that’s how I felt. I felt completely responsible for all 40 fingers and all 40 toes as if they were all mine.

I don’t think I even looked around at the summit. I certainly don’t remember if I did. I remember barking at the girls that we were going down NOW. No pictures. No spreading of ashes. No celebrating. I was a big meanie.

Meredith would say later that it was pretty much the most anticlimactic summit of her climbing career. I would have to say, I agree. All those months of hard work, planning, training and I didn’t even look around. I regret that.

But I don’t regret leading the team down to 17,200 camp with no mishaps. I don’t regret pushing the girls a little aggressively at times.
We crawled back to high camp just after 1:00 AM in time to see an Alaska summer sunset/sunrise that rivals any I’ve seen.

And that view from Denali Pass of High Camp in pinks, oranges and reds from an unlimited sky – with our tents in sight – was perhaps better than the view from the summit.

2 thoughts on “Why no summit picture? Because: Jenn was a big meanie

  1. We depend too much on pictures these days rather than just enjoying our own memories! You girls are amazing! Congratulations!!


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