It has been ages! We’re sorry. So here’s a powerpoint to help you plan your own trip to Denali!

I fell off the wagon – I began writing up the story of our adventures on Denali, and then we got busy putting together and giving a presentation on our climb…and now it’s JANUARY! Eeek. Our bad!

Back in November we got off track because we began working on a presentation for the Seattle Mountaineers’ Beta Night, which was held on November 10th, 2015. We’re going to reproduce that here (with one or two minor modifications for a broader audience), for your viewing and climb planning pleasure.

Please note the presentation was co-authored and co-presented by all four of the Girls, and **if you share it or re-present it (even informally) elsewhere, please acknowledge us accordingly!**

We worked hard on it!

If you’re planning on climbing Denali this spring, don’t hesitate to get in touch – we’ve been giving advice like it’s going out of style, so if you need input on your backpack/pee bottle/tentmates/solar panel/Meyers-Briggs personality compatibility…well, we’re your Girls!

And if this information is helpful or you are using it to plan your climb(s), please let us know in the comments – it helps us stay motivated to keep the site active, and I might even get around to writing up the rest of our trip, if you do. 😉

Happy Planning!

The Denali Girls
(Jennifer Carter, Carolyn Graham, Leigh Ann Wolfe, and Meredith Trainor)

3 thoughts on “It has been ages! We’re sorry. So here’s a powerpoint to help you plan your own trip to Denali!

  1. Awesome ppt and please keep posting. I’ve followed you with admiration and respect since discovering this blog in January 2015. Hoping to make my own (guided) Denali dream come true in 2017 and I’m a compulsive planner so I love to read all the details from your trip.


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