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Name, Age, From:

Carolyn Graham, 36 years old, Bellevue, WA.

When and why she got started climbing:

It’s hard to pin-point exactly when I started climbing.  As a kid I climbed all sorts of things. Trees, street sign poles, playground equipment, and door frames are the most common things that come to mind.  I completed an Outward Bound Course in the North Cascades when I was 14. This experience solidified my backpacking skills and gave me a taste for mountaineering. My first roped alpine climbs were in 2005 with the Seattle Mountaineers Basic Climbing Course.  I saw climbing as the next athletic “challenge” in my life and a way to build on my existing hiking, backpacking, snowshoeing, and scrambling experience.

Loves mountaineering because:

Mountaineering allows me to experience incredibly beautiful places in a way that words and cameras cannot capture.

Least favorite part of mountaineering:

My least favorite aspect of mountaineering is dealing with wet, muddy, and stinky gear after a multi-day trip.

Favorite piece of gear:

My favorite piece of training gear is my GoLite Chrome Dome umbrella.  In the Pacific Northwest, we get a LOT of precipitation in the winter.  Depending on what elevation or elevations I’m hiking at, there could be rain, freezing rain, sleet,  hail, or snow. I often experience many or all of the above in the same day. With my GoLite umbrella along, I’m able to complete my conditioning hikes in comfort and with a smile on my face 🙂

What her friends would say about her climbing style, or who she is on the mountain:

“Badass bivy!”  Morning of July 7, 2013, 4 degrees F, on the summit of Mt Rainier (Mowich Face ascent with planned carry-over).

How she’s getting in shape for this climb:

Lots of hiking, hiking with a heavy pack, snowshoeing, snowshoeing with a heavy pack, pulling a sled while wearing snowshoes, pulling a sled while wearing snowshoes and a heavy pack, sleeping in the cold, sleeping in the cold on snow, sleeping with my windows open at night, no blankets, and the lights on….okay, well maybe not that last part…:)

When she’s not climbing, she’s:

Planning the next adventure.

First thing she wants to eat when she gets back to town after a climb:

Mushroom and Swiss Burger

Day Job

I’m a civil engineer. I spend most of my day at a computer designing roads, highways, and other transit related improvements.

Thing she thinks she’ll miss the most while on the mountain:

A hot shower.

Thing she thinks will be the hardest about doing this climb:

I think getting good sleep at night will be critical to the success of this expedition.  Some blackout eye shades should help 🙂

Next on her climbing list:

Something tall and snowy!

Favorite climbing quote:

“Getting to the summit is optional, getting down is mandatory.” –Ed Veisturs  (I actually use this quote when I go climbing.)

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