Leigh Ann

Leigh Ann Headshot

Name, Age, From:

Leigh Ann Wolfe, 32, Seattle, WA

Got started climbing:

Fall 2010.

Loves mountaineering because:

The isolation and purity, as well as the suffering. To experience and witness something much greater than yourself, on such a large scale, is one of the most beautiful things about mountaineering. A climber’s view of distant peaks, clouds, forests, and water will make any problem seem trivial. I have never experienced anything as spectacular, restoring, or breathtaking as being on a remote peak.

Least favorite part of mountaineering:

Managing the cold.

Favorite piece of gear:

Easy, my helmet. It’s totally not a sexy piece of gear, but it saved me from a serious head injury and is probably the reason why I’m still able to play in the mountains today.

If she had a Spirit Mountain it would be:

Mt. Challenger. I feel like I can only choose a mountain I’ve actually climbed. How would I truly identify with her unless I’ve actually experienced her? Mt. Challenger is an isolated peak in the remote Northern Pickets of Washington state. No matter the approach, it’s a challenge to just step foot at the base of the mountain. It takes commitment and is well worth every second.

What her friends would say about her climbing style, or who she is on the mountain:

I’m guessing they would say the same thing about me whether I’m on or off the mountain… Straightforward, determined, honest, open-minded, strong, and tough.

How she’s getting in shape for this climb:

Strength training, steady state cardio, CrossFit, weighted training hikes and winter camping.

When she’s not climbing, she’s:

Lifting weights or doing CrossFit

First thing she wants to eat when she gets back to town after a climb:

Fresh vegetables and meat. Yeah, I know it’s kind of weird. Most people’s go-to food is something like pizza and beer, but after multiple days of dehydrated and freeze dried food, all I want is something fresh.

Day Job:

Sr. GIS Analyst and CrossFit trainer. Basically, I play with digital maps and data, as well as help people become more fit.

Thing she thinks she’ll miss the most while on the mountain:

My dog, Beatrix. I’ll miss her fuzzy face greeting me every morning.

Favorite thing about climbing with women:

I’m pretty picky about the people I climb with, so the women I climb with tend to be pretty amazing! Women have a tendency to underestimate their abilities to accomplish great things. Climbing with other women presents an awesome opportunity to empower one another, as well as inspire other females.

Thing she thinks will be the hardest about doing this climb:

Altitude. I have a bit of high altitude experience and can attest that it can wreak havoc on appetite, sleep, and motivation. For a successful climb – summit or not – you have to stay on top of hydration, recovery, nutrition, and maintain a positive attitude.

Next on her climbing list:

Everything leading up to this climb seems trivial right now. My focus is on Denali. I’ll contemplate my next big adventure after a successful summit and descent.

Favorite climbing quote:

“Mountains have a way of dealing with overconfidence.” Nemann Buhl

“It’s not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves.” Sir Edmund Hillary


At Perfect Pass looking at Mt. Challenger

At Perfect Pass looking at Mt. Challenger

4 thoughts on “Leigh Ann

  1. Hi Leigh Ann! Jamie shared your blog with me. So excited for you and your team. I am loving reading your blog – you are a very good writer! Looking forward to following your journey!
    Kathie Oeser (City of Bothell)


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