Support the Girls

We are looking for all the support we can get! If you’re willing, able, or interested in supporting The Girls in any way possible during their training, on the climb, or to help support the blog project, please fill out the form below and let us know how you want to help!

Ways you can support The Girls:

Donate! All funds donated will help us offset the costs of climbing permit, plane flights, and alllll that gear!

 Discounts and Prodeals:
  • Gear (new or used)
  • Technical clothing
  • Healthy snacks or food items
  • Amazon gift cards for ebooks (We’ll have a lot of downtime and will need to keep our brain occupied. All of us are bringing a Kindles to save weight while having a ton to read! Also, there’s actually a lot of gear available through Amazon as well!)
  • iTunes gift cards for music

Advice: Have you climbed Denali? Tell us your story! We want to learn from everyone.

Want your company logo or name on our blog? Check out our Sponsors page.

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