10 week countdown until Denali! Harness the Stoke!

Holy shit, 10 weeks until we leave for Denali!? How exciting and terrifying at the same time! The good news is that things are starting to really fall into place. People are being supportive and helping out in ways we never imagined, the “need to get” gear list is dwindling, and our training is going well. All in all, we’re on the right track!

Not that I need help getting stoked on Denali or need one more thing to distract me from doing non-Denali related things (at this point there are two categories in my life, Denali related and non-Denali related), I made one slight adjustment to keep the stoke up. A few days ago I changed my desktop photo from my amazing, super-awesome dog, Beatrix, to a great 3D route diagram of Denali that I snagged from SummitPost.org.


Beatrix relaxing in the back of my truck


Beatrix thoroughly enjoying the snow on the McClellan Butte trail in December









I’m a visual person so being able to view the route several times throughout the day over multiple days is going to help ingrain the topography in my head. Pretty smart, huh?


3D route diagram courtesy of SummitPost user PellucidWombat.

In addition to hating having things strapped to the outside of my pack other than an ice axe, picket, or an avalanche probe, I hate a messy desktop. It may be a little obsessive, but I like to keep the outside of my pack tidy, I hate shit swinging around while I’m climbing steep terrain or getting caught on things when I’m bushwacking. A general rule of mine is that if it can’t fit in my pack, it’s not coming with me. Same principle applies to my computer desktop. I keep it tidy with the exception of important things that need my attention.

The diagram above is actually a screen shot of my computer, not the actual image from SummitPost. As you can see, there’s not a whole lot there. In fact, there’s only one thing on my desktop and it happens to be my profile photo for this blog! When I realized this the other day, I found it kind of amusing and decided to make a game out of it. I decided that I would move my icon along the route as we get closer to our climbing date. How NERDY! I was way too amused by this and still am. Since we’re about 10 weeks out from our departure, I decided to move to Ski Hill Camp at 7,800ft.


Closeup of my profile picture on route at Ski Hill Camp


Now that you know my picture is on the 3D diagram, go back to that image and find my profile photo. Yes, I’m easily entertained and I hope you find this as amusing as I do! Doing things like this is a really easy way for me to keep that stoke up, which got me thinking about what the other Girls are doing to keep their stoke. What do you do to get and keep yourself motivated?