Finding Balance – Life outside of The Denali Girls

We have a big goal ahead of us and it’s easy to get consumed by all the planning and anticipation. We’re all dedicated, strong ladies looking to kick some serious ass, but we also have to keep some perspective. We can’t spend EVERY waking moment outside of work (or during work) thinking, talking, and planning Denali. However, it’s kind of felt like that lately. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love this project! I mean I can’t truly express how stoked I am that I am a part of The Denali Girls! It gives me focus, gives me a goal to work toward and I love every minute! We all need “Denalis” in our lives. However, we also have to strike a balance between the “project” and the rest of our lives.

The other day I realized I couldn’t remember the last time I spoke with my dad on the phone, or my sister for that matter (sorry dad and Michelle!). Not good. I immediately sent them texts in effort to schedule a time where we could actually talk and catch up. Between two jobs, training, planning, and stressing over gear choices, I found myself getting a little too caught up in my obligations (work and Denali-related things) and not spending enough time on my personal life (family and friends) outside of our project. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been making an effort to make time for people, so it’s not that anyone has really been neglected, it’s just easy to let these relationships slide if you’re not paying attention.


Wolfe pack in NY


Dad, Me, Little Miss Ada, & Michelle


Part of the reason our planning and training has been so successful is due to the people outside of our climbing team. All of you have been amazing! We are so thankful to have so many people be so supportive of our goal. From lending us gear and endlessly talking about food choices and sled modifications to offering words of encouragement and just flat out being stoked for us. We appreciate all of it! That being said, it’s important that we show everyone how much we appreciate these things by staying connected. That means calling our parents and siblings, dedicating time to spend with significant others, making time for our friends, and keep the blog posts rolling.

It’s good to have a big project that challenges you and gives you something to work toward, just don’t get tunnel vision and let the project consumer your every waking minute.